From the Archives: Congratulations, graduates!

Image caption: Class of 1914 from A Sound Past

Image caption: Class of 1914 from A Sound Past

You’ve made it to the finish line!

The students of the Class of 2013 have contributed tremendously to the University of Puget Sound and will soon join 120 years of Puget Sound alumni.  The University graduated its first class, of four students, in 1893. From 1893 to 2013, our college has seen a lot of changes; Freshman Week has become Preludes, Passages, and Perspectives, and the hatchet has disappeared and reappeared numerous times.  Our colors may have changed (from maroon to green and then back to maroon), but our philosophy remains the same: To the Heights!

The great accomplishments of the Class of 2013 will be documented in the University of Puget Sound Archives & Special Collections, and will become an official part of campus history.

Graduates, we wish you luck with your future ventures and voyages! Your dedication and hard work will inspire generations of Puget Sound students as your scholarly achievements live on in Collins Memorial Library.

By Maya Steinborn

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