COLLINS UNBOUND: Theatre Costume Display Colors the Library!

Dazzling satin dressed figurines in purples, creams, burgundies, and more – line the walls and fill study and reading space near the Learning Commons. This display is the handiwork of talented students taught by theatre instructor Mishka Navarre in her Theatre Arts 319 course: Costuming for the Theatre. The class provides a general overview of costume history, period pattern drafting, and costume construction. Students analyze play scripts to get to know the stories and characters, and they research the time period to find the right look for character wardrobe. Then pen goes to paper – as they sketch several drawings using elements of design: line, shape, color and texture. This results in a watercolor sketch of their pattern on paper. From there, they choose their own fabrics, stitching it into a model approximately 16″ tall.

“Lots of one-on-one discussion and work on patterning goes into each piece.” Mishka says. “This was the first sewing project for many, and it helped give everyone a good idea of how to put clothing together.”  Next time you enjoy a Puget Sound play at the theatre, you can get a sense of behind-the-scenes work and planning it takes to dress characters for their part!

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