Collins Library Links – Welcome Back Issue – Part II


Collins Library Links – Welcome Back Issue – Part II

Art in the Library:  Please take time to stop by the Collins Library and view two outstanding exhibits.  Interwoven Stories showcases pages from a community stitching project developed by Canadian artist Diana Weymar.  Included are 23 pages stitched by members of the Puget Sound community.  All Stitched Up recognizes and celebrates the work of book artists’ where stitching has become an integral part of the visual design.  Included in the exhibit are books from Ohio, Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, California, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Virginia, Utah, New Jersey, Iowa, Michigan, New York as well as Canada, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Mexico and Germany.  In November we are sponsoring a one day Symposium, supported by the Chism Fund, and will be welcoming Diana Weymar back to campus, as well as Adele Patrick, a leader of the arts and founder of the Glasgow Scotland Women’s Library.  If you are interested in having one of these book/paper artists visit your class, please contact Jane Carlin.

Life Skills Collection:  A reminder that the library established a student Life Skills collection a few years ago.  This collection is maintained by librarian Katy Curtis and is located adjacent to the Learning Commons computers.  A guide to the collection is available at this link:

The purpose of the Life Skills Collection is to help students in college and beyond by providing information and resources for essential life skills in areas such as health and wellness, interpersonal relationships, finances, transitioning to college, developing cultural competency, understanding issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, and developing self-esteem and leadership skills.  On each page of the guide you will also find helpful links and additional information on University of Puget Sound services for specific topics.  This collection is growing!  Please send recommendations for either individual books or topical areas to Katy Curtis, Humanities Librarian at Collins Library.

Makerspace:  You can read about our new services and resources on our Makerspace Guide:  If you know of a student group that might be interested in using the Makerspace for a standing meeting, please email:  If you are interested in holding a class session in the space, email the Makerspace or check in with your liaison librarian.  We can work on sessions focused on book, journal and zine making, team building, 3D printing, laser cutting and much more.

Celebrating Library Staff Accomplishments:

  • Congratulations to Peggy Burge: Peggy Burge has been appointed as our Interim Associate Director and her new office is Library 119.  Peggy will oversee public and access services in addition to maintaining her liaison work.
  • Digital Heritage Grant: The Collins Library has received a digital heritage grant from the State of Washington to digitize selected papers of the Abby Williams Hill collection.  Hill Archivist Laura Edgar will be the project manager.
  • Digital Narratives Grant/Council of Independent Colleges: We are winding up our grant work on developing approaches to oral history projects funded by the Council of Independent Colleges.  Please check in with Jane Carlin or Peggy Burge for details.
  • Excellence in Action Award: Congratulations to Humanities Librarian, Katy Curtis, for her excellence in action award.  Katy’s nominators praised her commitment to students and excellent teaching.
  • Copyright Questions: Librarian Andrea Klyn will be overseeing copyright concerns and questions.  Andrea recently attended a Copyright First Responders workshop sponsored by the Orbis Cascade Alliance.
  • Congratulations to Eli Gandour-Rood:  Eli was recognized during the recent Lavender Graduation event for his services and support of our students.

Need Information? Don’t forget the Collins Memorial Library – Library Guides
Questions? Contact your liaison librarian
Comments: Contact Jane Carlin, library director
Remember – Your best search engine is a librarian!

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