Collins Library Links: Welcome Back Issue: Part II


Welcome Back Issue: Part II

Open Educational Resources (OERS):
OERs are free, ready-to-use content for your classes.  OERs can reduce costs for students while at the same time offer faculty the opportunity to tailor content to a specific class. Creators and users are free to retain rights, reuse content, remix content, revise content, or redistribute content.  The LibGuide Open Education Resources: OER Explained will provide you with general information about what is currently available and how to get started.  Look for a Wednesday@4 on this topic.  If you want to know more, contact Ben Tucker:

Life Skills:
The purpose of the Life Skills Collection is to provide information and resources for essential life skills in areas such as health and wellness, interpersonal relationships, finances, transitioning to college, developing cultural competency, understanding issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, and developing self-esteem and leadership skills.  On each page of this LibGuide you will also find helpful links and additional information.  This is a great resource to suggest to students who may need some extra support.  Contact Katy Curtis for more information: Kiosks:
Did you know that the Tech Center and the Library Learning Commons both provide access to kiosks?  This online learning service provides access to literally hundreds of training programs.  You can learn anything from Photoshop, Excel, WordPress, graphic design, personal finance tips, JavaScript, animation and even making a comic book.  This is a useful resource for anyone who wants to enhance their technical skills and useful for students who have an interest in using technology as a platform to share research and ideas.

Data Management:
The Library is here to help you plan and execute a data management plan.  A data management plan (DMP) helps researchers work with, manage, share and archive their data effectively.  A DMP typically describes: what data will be produced as a part of the project, how each type of data will be organized, documented, standardized, stored, protected, shared and archived, who will take responsibility for carrying out the activities listed above, and when these activities will take place over the course of the project (and beyond).  This summer, Eli Gandour-Rood hosted a NW5 Symposium on this topic, joined by many Puget Sound faculty and students.  Contact Eli for more information:

This new service provides answers to frequently asked library questions.  Our database of Q&A is updated on a regular basis and is another great “go to” resource for quick answers.  This service is coordinated by Andrea Kueter:

Need Information? Don’t forget the Collins Memorial Library – Library Guides
Questions? Contact your liaison librarian
Comments: Contact Jane Carlin, library director
Remember – Your best search engine is a librarian!

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