Changing the Conversation: Artists’ Books, Zines and Broadsides from the Collins Memorial Library Collection, August 12 – December 14, 2022

Illustrated by Yoshi Nakagawa and letterpress printed by Jessica Spring at the Springtide Press

This exhibit represents over a decade of collecting artists’ books that focus on social justice themes and challenge the way we think about topics.  An artists’ book is a conversation starter.  Full of voice and vision, artists’ books bring unique perspectives to a host of subjects that challenge long held beliefs, ideals and ideas facing our society.  The Collins Memorial Library’s artist book collection draws you into a conversation, even if it is with yourself.  Discover works that challenge and inform, moving a conversation from static to dynamic through form and content.  Books change minds; their contents provoke strong emotions, potentially leading to protests, book burning, book banning and censorship.  Books can change the way you think about an idea.  An artists’ book can also change the way you see the structure of a book.  These visual narratives pop-up, stitch over, spiral and illustrate ideas and points of view.  They make a statement about the state of affairs in our complex world simply or in extravagant bindings and folds.  Come see for yourself!

Discover the range of works, their impact, power and the unbound possibility inherent in an artist book.  Check out the exhibit, Changing the Conversation: Artist Books, Zines and Broadsides from the Collins Memorial Library Collection, on display in the library from August 15 until December 14, 2022.​

Creating a broadside for the “Changing the Conversation” exhibition was a welcome challenge and an opportunity for collaboration. Our own conversations were supplemented with sketches and mockups in an effort (especially as we are both more comfortable working in the analog realm) to share our ideas and harness two brains to tackle some complicated press maneuvers. Inspired by the curators’ choice of artist’s books, we started with “speech bubbles” and filled them with conversations of connection and conflict. Some are organic, like fungi communication networks. Or there’s fire, which can be used to send signals, burn books, or just be inflammatory. Our approach to color was playful, using day-glo colors for the patterns, in contrast to the outline typeface Columna printed in gray and black, mirroring both the repetition and openness in the bubbles. We hope the resulting broadside provokes both thought and discussion.
Jessica Spring and Yoshi Nakagawa

The print price is $30 and all proceeds will go to fund student centered projects and programs in support of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Payment:  Payment can be made in person via credit card or check made payable to the Collins Memorial Library.  Individuals outside of the area who wish to purchase a print can contact with the subject line Changing the Conversation Print Purchase.  In the email please provide your name and mailing address.  Checks  made out to Collins Memorial Library should be sent to Jamie Spaine, Collins Memorial Library, 1500 N. Warner Street #1021, Tacoma, WA. 98416.  Upon receipt of your payment, the library will ship the print.

The cost covers shipping.

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