Beautiful Angle Poster Collection in Collins Library

Collection of Ben Ahlvin ’08

Former, Senior Systems and Research Analyst, Office of Admission, University of Puget Sound

The Beautiful Angle poster project is based in Tacoma Washington. Approximately once per month, graphic designer Lance Kagey and writer Tom Llewellyn create hand-crafted, letterpress posters and then distribute them around the city’s downtown core.

This project started in 1999 when Lance Kagey was introduced to the art of letterpress printing through a visit to a British Columbia studio and through a program at Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts. Kagey purchased a circa-1950’s Challenge proof press through eBay for $50. Kagey, along with writer Tom Llewellyn then started what has become a Tacoma phenomenon. .

Beautiful Angle has used a variety of printing techniques and a typical print run is 100 posters, of which 80 are posted around the downtown area of Tacoma, and the remainder are sold.

Beautiful Angle has been featured in Felt and Wire, a leading graphic design blog. It has been the subject of a City Arts Magazine cover story, as well as feature stories in the leading Tacoma newspaper, The News Tribune, as well as in the Weekly Volcano. The City of Tacoma’s outreach website,, now links to the project. Gallery shows have been held at Handforth Gallery, School of Visual Concepts, Jazzbones, Pike Street Press, Fulcrum Gallery and Blackwater Cafe. A nearly complete collection of posters is always on display at King’s Books in Tacoma.

In November 2009, the City of Tacoma Arts Commission awarded Beautiful Angle their Amocat Award.

In 2011, Beautiful Angle received a City of Tacoma arts grant to produce The Tacoma Folio, a limited edition, 30-page book of posters, each around the theme of Tacoma’s own mythology.

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