From the Archives & Special Collections: Outreach on Campus

Access to materials is one of the core functions of all archives. Part of the way that we provide access to and knowledge about our materials is through outreach in the form of classes, events, exhibits, and presentations. These interactions help members of the community understand how our legacy informs our future and draw connections between the past and the present. In keeping with this mission, Archivist & Special Collections Librarian Adriana Flores ‘13 recently gave a presentation to the Division of Student Affairs on learning from the past to build the future, and led staff members on an interactive investigation of Puget Sound’s history.

To select materials for this workshop, we drew from three of our most frequently taught class sessions on fraternity integration, the Vietnam War’s impact on campus, and the history of the Gender & Queer Studies program. Participants split up into three groups, each of which examined materials related to one of the three topics covered. They discussed what change is portrayed in the documents, what surprised them about the documents, what questions they still had, and what connections they can draw between the documents and our campus today. This exploration sparked a lively discussion about how the records we create tell our story and create our legacy.

Is your campus group or department also looking to collaborate with the A&SC? Contact us at to set up a similar workshop. We can also assist with presentations for individual departments or groups, workshops for work teams or student employees, displays and exhibits, research support, and transferring departmental materials.

The Archives & Special Collections is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM or by appointment.

By Julia Masur

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