A New Tradition is born! Library Cords

library_cords_closeupGraduating Senior Addison “Addi” Mercer, Communication Studies, University of Puget Sound said the Collins Library was such a large part of her college life that she wanted to have some sort of visual way to represent the library during this spring’s Commencement. Addi created library cords for graduating students that were worn proudly at the university’s graduation ceremony. Jane Carlin, Library Director of Puget Sound, thinks the idea was pure brilliance! She states, “so many of our students spend their 4 years working at the library and mCALLOUT_LibraryCords-gradany go on to graduate school. The library really becomes a home away from home for many students. Addi’s simple gesture to create these library honor cords is the start of a new tradition for the library. We look forward to next year’s cording ceremony for the class of 2017.”

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