3rd Annual Gwen Phibbs Cookie Bake-off, May 6, 3:30-4 p.m., Misner Room, Collins Library

CALLOUT_CollegiateCookiesCelebrate the last day of classes! Come enjoy cookies baked by Collins Library staff inspired by the recipes from Mrs. Gwen Phibbs Collegiate Cookies Cookbook.

Back by popular demand is the Collins Library Cookie Bake-off.  Several years ago it was discovered in the Archives Gwen Phibbs’ Cookie Cookbook—this inspired recipes for this annual event which has become very popular. This year the library is once again hosting its Cookie Bake-off on Wednesday, May 6th in the Misner Room.  From 3 to 3:30pm, staff and faculty members are invited to sample cookies baked by library and student staffers.  At 3:30, students studying in the library will be lucky recipients of the delectable treats. It’s the library’s way of wishing students congratulations and good luck!

P.S. May 6 was a big hit!  Who can resist a cookie – or three? Former President Phillip and Gwen Phibbs made a special appearance, and was presented with a cookie cookbook of Gwen’s own delicious recipes.


On May 6, 2015, students and staff begin first dive into the fabulous cookie spread on last day of classes during 3rd Annual Cookie Bake-off.


Not one cookie left behind



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