We heart Oly: Olympia Part II


My housemate, Andrea’s friend Haleigh has come to visit and we decided to go to Olympia! We walked around all day, hitting the shops that we went to when we first visited the capitol city and then some. The places on our list were:

-Dumpster Values thrift store

-Rainy Day Records

-Function and Flow

-Danger Room Comics

-Darby’s Cafe

-Cafe Vida

It was a fun day of familiarity and shopping, accompanied my the heaviest rain I have ever experienced in these 2 years I’ve lived here.




We left with several bags in tow including a new Tacoma pendant that is now hanging in our living room. Over all, Olympia is a fun day trip only 30 minutes away from our dear city of Tacoma.







Haleigh, Andrea, and I at Darby's Cafe

Haleigh, Andrea, and I at Darby’s Cafe

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