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Peer Research Advising edition

CALLOUT_3PeerResearchersCollege-level library research can be intimidating or overwhelming for many first-year students.  Recent work in the Project Information Literacy longitudinal study documented that many students, when stressed, revert to using research techniques they learned in high school, rather than learning and experimenting with the new concepts and strategies introduced to them by faculty and librarians.  The Peer Research Advising program in Collins Library offers an additional avenue for such students to get help.

Our three Peer Research Advisors–Lindsey Hunt ’19, Marcelle Rutherfurd ’19, and Julie Masur ’19–are available in Collins Library during the evenings, Sunday through Thursday.  (Lindsey Hunt is also piloting one hour a week in Diversions on Tuesdays from 7-8pm.) They have received targeted information literacy training that is especially focused on helping novice researchers overcome the cognitive and affective hurdles that can get in the way of developing good research habits. They are approachable and empathetic, and they love library research!  Students can just drop in for help, or they can set up an appointment via email at

Fall 2017 Peer Research Advising Hours

Collins Library, Learning Commons

Sundays, 7-11pm
Mondays, 7-10pm
Tuesdays, 8-10pm
Wednesdays, 7-9pm
Thursdays, 8-11pm

New:  Tuesdays, 7-8pm, at Diversions!

Need Information? Don’t forget the Collins Memorial Library – Library Guides
Questions? Contact your liaison librarian
Comments: Contact Jane Carlin, library director
Remember – Your best search engine is a librarian!

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