A Walk around Campus

The last time I think I took a walk through campus was probably not long after moving in Freshman year. A floormate and I just explored campus and got to know it better before everyone else got there.

But since then, I haven’t really explored. I’ve just been too caught up with life and busy with other things. But today, I had nothing to do. No tests to prepare for, no midterms or papers, nothing.

So I decided to do what I haven’t done in so long and take a walk. I texted one of my friends and we met up by the Donor’s Circle in front of Trimble with my camera. And then we just started walking.

We started at the Donor’s Circle and walked to the President’s Woods. Then we walked in between Thompson and Schneebeck before heading over to Wyatt. From there, we walked past the track meet towards the Fieldhouse. We talked down the street from there and turned onto Theme Row, finishing our stroll through campus at the SUB.


A tree in the President’s Woods


The side of Thompson


Ran across this at Wyatt


Ran into Nathan on his way out of the gym. The face only a mother could love.


Looking down Theme Row


Looking at Thomas Hall from Seward