Every fraternity talks about brotherhood.

“We have such a strong brotherhood.”

“Brotherhood is our top priority.”

But what is brotherhood? Why does it matter? Why do we always talk about it?

Brotherhood is the glue the binds the house together. It’s what drives us support each other in all of our activities outside the house. It’s what makes it okay to express ourselves. It’s what makes memories. It’s what is behind every smile. It’s what makes lifelong friends. It’s what makes brothers.

In my fraternity, Beta Theta Pi, brotherhood is something we hold above many things. The bond I have with my brothers is so strong that I know it will last long after we all graduate and part ways.

It’s hard to talk about brotherhood. Not because it’s a difficult topic, but because you don’t talk about brotherhood, you show it. Sometimes, brotherhood is more like a feeling than some type of display.

It’s what we feel when we are having a bad day and talk about it with one of our brothers. We talk for hours and hours about everything and anything, no matter the time of day.

It’s what we feel when we spend a weekend night playing video games and watching weird Youtube videos.

It’s what we feel when we just hop in the car and go for a drive for a little while, just quietly enjoying each other’s presence.

It’s what we feel when we’re all watching a movie and heckling the plot and characters.

It’s… brotherhood.