I have PT and an exam tomorrow. Wait, did I do the homework? Yeah I did. Got most of the dance party posters put up today. Can’t forget to give the extra to the other houses when I visit their chapter meetings next Monday. Can’t forget to actually visit. FreakNight is this weekend! I can’t wait. But first I have work on Friday before I leave. And the exam tomorrow. Ugh. I need to find time to start figuring out my classes for next semester. I know I’m taking Geology and Physics, but what about my other classes? Classes. Wait. What classes do I have tomorrow? Crap. I need to get around to that IFC Application…

Life is hectic right now. It has been for the last few months. Greek Life, Rugby, Work and Academics all keep me busy and always overlap with one another. I’m stressed, tired and really lacking in sleep. I just want it all to stop sometimes.

But, I’m having the time of my life. I’m making friends. I’m making connections all over campus. I’m eating very SUBpar food. I’m gaining valuable leadership experience. I’m learning all these new things. I’m making memories. I’m having fun.

Sure, I’d rather being laying in bed watching Netflix, but where’s the fun in that?