Last week, I went to the last chapter meeting of the year with Beta Theta Pi. Alongside wrapping up Fraternity business for the year, we had our graduating members will items down to younger members to keep them in the fraternity and impart some wisdom to the chapter.

It was a long ceremony, but totally worth it. Everyone willed great things and had amazing stories to share with the chapter. But personally, one person stood out: Dwolfe

Daniel “Dwolfe” Wolfert is the ideal human being. He’s hilarious, a good singer and has just too much sass and snark for most people. He is awesome and Puget Sound is losing an amazing individual by letting him graduate this Saturday. He’s been an incredible contributor to Beta this last year, pouring his blood, sweat and tears into the chapter despite not being asked to.

What he had to say to the chapter almost had me at tears. He declared his love for the chapter. Dwolfe essentially said that all the hard work he put in this year was representative of his love for us. He even referenced some lyrics from the song he wrote and released this year, “The Horizon is Ours.” (By the way, it is an AMAZING song, check it out!)

Through the dark, I can see the dawn I am running to.

He said that we were the dawn he was running to. Beta was the light at the end of the tunnel for him. That’s how much we meant to him.

Dwolfe, I’ve only known you for a semester, but the experiences I’ve had with you will last a lifetime. Wherever you end up in life, make a RUCKUS.