Been reading, lately, in object-oriented ontology. Sort of a new interest of mine. Introduced to it in class. Nothing overly difficult, though certainly nothing easy. Not a philosophy major. Need to remember that.

Been listening, lately, to ‘80s soft rock. Bread, Chicago. Also, the Eagles. RIP Glenn Frey. 

Also, Five for Fighting’s The Battle for Everything.

Been watching YouTube videos about abstract algebra. Of the “for Dummies” variety. Know very little about it. Didn’t take math higher than trig. But intrigued by the concept. Thanks, Karen Tei Yamashita. 

Sun. Sunburnt. Problems with tanning exacerbated. Lack of sunglasses = problem.

Been researching graduate programs for English. Anxious, in both senses of the word. 

More showers lately. Likely due to increased humidity. More showers of shorter duration. Not sure if singing getting on nerves of housemates. Will not ask.

Despite the rise in temperature, still sleeping with socks on. Sleeping well.

Bee Gees playing now. Need new earphones.

General sense of calm, despite the busy-ness. 

Supported friend in annual Luau. Miss home, of course. May or may not go home soon. Awaiting news.

The news is always slow.