The REAL Oregon Trail

Every semester, I’m lucky enough to be able to put on a sketch comedy show with my family away from family, Ubiquitous They. Last semester, our show titled “UT Presents: Living in Garbage” was a huge success and featured something a little different: a video sketch!

Our awesomely gross logo for the show's posters, courtesy of Michelle Leatherby

Our awesomely gross logo for the show’s posters, courtesy of Michelle Leatherby

Fellow senior Michelle Leatherby wrote a sketch titled “The Real Oregon Trail” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. The script features some colorful characters making the trek out west with one twist: it’s a reality show. So the cast and the camera crew hiked out to China Lake Park and got shooting, costumed and all. Here’s some photos from filming!

Jedediah (Darrin Schultz) and Beth (Sophie Schwartz), the parents of the group

Rebecca (Allie Lawrence) and Zeke (Adam Chong) gettin cozy in the woods


The ever handsome Jed

Rebecca, surprisingly happy after breaking the news of her dysentery to her beau Zeke

Live fast die young bad girls do it well (with yours truly as Emily)

Our beautiful filming scenery!



After filming, we recovered¬†from our freezing toes and wet dress hems with some well deserved Shakabrah breakfast. Michelle and I worked on editing the video with the help of Elliot Ash’s incredible narration, producing this funny final product. Enjoy!