My Box of Stuff

On my desk, there is a box with two small glass jars, a bunch of envelopes and a collection of other things. This is my box of memorabilia. I’m a really sentimental person, so I’ve kept as many cards, tickets, notes and other small tokens as possible to hold onto as I go through life. I actually have another box full of stuff at home, but I left it behind because I didn’t want to risk losing everything at once.

I keep this box because they all represent different aspects of my life, both past and present. I simply don’t want to forget them.

Here are some of the things in the box:

  • This is the ticket to the first rave (and concert) I ever went to. I remember bouncing with excitement in class, I just couldn’t wait to see my favorite artists at the time. And it was amazing. I just couldn’t stop smiling through the entire performance. Afterwards, I had some of the best Thai food ever at 2AM at some late night Thai place in downtown San Francisco. I won’t ever forget this night.IMG_6061
  • I got this “coupon” last summer at my summer job. My boss started to give out boxes with random prizes in them at the end of the work week to end the weekend right and reward us for our hard work. The prizes ranged from cash, extra break time (this was a summer camp, so any second away from the kids were a godsend) and a free lunch delivery from my boss. I never cashed this in and there isn’t an expiration date… I wonder…


  • These wristbands are from these spirit competitions that my high school put on every semester. These competitions were a battle of a classes, seeing who could win the most games and perform the best skits and dances. They are honestly some of the best memories of my life.


  • I went to Bumbershoot for the first time after the first week of classes last Fall. It was the first festival I ever went to and it was such a fun time. I got to see a dance competition, listen to some artists I never had heard before and meet some interesting people while I stood in line. The highlight of this was getting to see Zedd, one of my favorite artists right now.


  • Last summer, I got into a car accident. Seeing as work was a 45 minute drive away, I couldn’t ask my parents to take me every morning. So I started to take the train to and from work. It was my first time taking public transit by myself. While I never saw or met anyone interesting because I was usually napping, it was still a nice time.


  • Finally, here are my bids from Rush Week. That week was a really fun time and if I could have, I would have picked both Fraternities.

IMG_6066So there’s my list of junk/sentimental stuff. What are yours? What meaning do they hold for you?