New Year, New Semester

The spring semester is always a tricky little thing, you’re so burnt out over the fall semester all you see is winter break, and then suddenly its gone! And there’s no starting a new schoolyear jitters, you’re already been a freshmen\sophomore\junior or senior for a semester, there’s no excuses really for not having your shit together. You have to get your textbooks and you technically knew what classes you had and how it was gonna be that you should have it by the time the semester starts. But you’re so caught up in winter break that you don’t want to think about school or preparing for it at all. Sadly the spring semester has no three-day weekends (which is more sad than you would think) but I think a full week of spring break makes up for it, most definitely we need that break time.

But at the same time, its a new year, 2016! Its the last semester for seniors, the first “real” semester for freshmen to know what college is like, and there’s a finality about the spring semester ironically considering spring the season of blooms. We’re kinda serious about making New Year’s Resolutions and focusing on ending the schoolyear strong because not for long we will be adults and there is no winter or summer┬ábreak (unless we go to grad school or become a teacher, but normally not).

Nonetheless its there’s a new-ness and ending feeling with the spring semester with so many opportunities and excitement for what’s to come from the semester or thereafter. So happy spring semester Loggers! Well, enjoy the last three day weekend before school starts xP

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Hey! I'm Rachel Tanoue, a biology major neuroscience and bioethics emphasis in my sophomore year here at Puget Sound! I come from Aiea Heights, Hawaii (island: Oahu) & am super excited to live in the NorthWest! I'm a coxswain on the UPS men's varsity crew team, Hui O Hawaii member, Secretary on ASUPS Senate, a Theta & a Cellar-ite! Puget Sound offers so many opportunities in Tacoma, the surrounding areas, the academic community and in everyone else who calls themself a logger, I'm so excited to share all my thoughts and adventures with you! #oncealogger #alwaysalogger