Turning Knobs and Sliding Sliders

Mics. Mic stands. 3 quarters. Speakons. XLRs. Speakers. Speaker stands. Monitors. Switchboard. AUX thingy. That’s everything, right? No wait, power cables. Dammit me.

Okay sound check time. Turn knobs and move the sliders. Pretend to know what I’m doing. Make eye contact with the performer and nod. Continue to pretend to know what I’m doing.

Performance time! More knob turning. More slider sliding. Turn mics on and off as needed. Try not to fall asleep while boss sits next to me. Keyword is try. Get distracted by pretty girl in audience. Think about what I had for breakfast that morning. Miss my cue to switch a mic on. Fumble. Be told by boss to pay attention to the stage. Stay laser focused and awake for the rest of the performance. Tell myself to do better next time. Don’t.

IMG_4851 [2014213]

I totally know what all those knobs do.

For my work-study job, I’m one of two Sound/Lights Operators for ASUPS Student Programs. That means for any sort of performance that Student Programs puts on, like Mary Lambert, or other UPS functions that we’re asked to work, I’m involved in making them look and sound good. No pressure. Not like the performers put on very public shows or anything. Did I mention that the other Sound/Lights guy is a freshman as well? Recipe for success, right there.

Keep an eye out for me the next time you check out something put on by Student Programs (Which just so happens to be the Halftime Show at the homecoming game against PLU). You might catch me randomly turning knobs.

Like 90% sure these control sound.

Like 90% sure these control sound.