Confessions of a Second Semester Senior

We’re halfway through spring semester (and this first blog post is long overdue)! I’ve been up to a whole lot guysss…

So, I was lame and spent Spring Break on our beautiful, lonely, rain-full campus (Close to going on a backpacking trip to Death Valley with Puget Sound Outdoors, I decided to save for a trip to Mexico this summer with my best friend), which allowed me to recover from a very caffeine-intensive, high-stakes, sleep-deprived midterms week. During this free time, I hibernated for three days (because I was lucky enough to have all of my exams and assignments due the Friday before spring break!), repeatedly indulged in “the cookie” from the metropolitan market, and then got back to work again… on the job search and getting ahead on schoolwork because, for seniors like me, we have 6. Weeks. Till. Graduation.

The truth is, I’ve mostly been looking forward to graduating since the beginning of senior year. Yea, I love learning at UPS and I’m sure there are things I take for granted now that I’ll come to miss. Maybe that we actually get rain here, maybe I’ll miss being surrounded by people my age. But really, I’m so ready to get out of the bubble!

I should be more terrified than I am, considering I don’t have solid plans or a job lined up yet. Also, I’ve had to remember to graduate first (and pass BIO 111), before stressing over the future.

In the past two years I’ve discovered that what I really want to do is pursue a career that combines social justice and cultural heritage with the arts and education. I’ve been looking at masters programs in cultural and arts institution management at universities in Spain and Mexico. For now, the plan is to stay in the Seattle/Tacoma area for another year or two before exploring opportunities abroad, ojalá.

I know right, borrring. I really have been up to more interesting things!!! Here are titles of blog posts to come in the next 6 weeks. (Listing them here as motivation to actually write them!)

Meeting important people

No más

The Anthropocene

The German girls of UPS

Black Lives Still Matter

Undocumented Poetry

Spanish Matters

Los pasos perdidos

(In the meantime, soakin’ up the rest of this college life while I still can.)

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My name is Andrea (pronounced ah n d r ai ah , not AN D - r ee - uh), and I dream of life at the beach in Costa Rica or Cartagena de Indias, or city life in Barcelona or Buenos Aires! I'm a senior Hispanic International Studies major, and Politics & Government minor, with an emphasis in Global Development. I just got back from a year abroad in Santiago de Chile and being back in the Pacific Northwest I am seeing it with a fresh perspective and intend on taking full advantage of my time here!