Puget Plaid

I hate to break my pattern of blog post titles, but hopefully some alliteration makes up for it?

Anyway, we’ve had a solid spate of sunshine lately, but the next few days are scheduled to return to the usual Washington gloom.  And I’ve decided that this is prime time to do something I’ve been intending to do for ages: play Count the Plaid.  I usually forget about it until I’m sitting in class and realize that half of my classmates are wearing flannel.  But if I post it on the internet, then I can’t forget about it, right?

I’ll be spending as much time as possible in public places on campus today with a tally sheet in hand.  Stay tuned, Loggers.  Hack, hack; chop, chop.

Update 1, 8:50 am: Not a lot of plaid at morning land practice; unfortunately (hey, Puget Sound Athletics, you could change that!).  But it looks like Diversions is the place to be.  Stereotypes are holding strong.  Tally so far is 8.

Update 2, 1:45 pm: Data is now somewhat skewed (because my observations were previously definitely scientifically sound), because I spent two hours this morning at the trainers instead of somewhere with a more representative distribution of clothing styles.  That being said, the trainers are lovely people, and after some hasty counting in the SUB and in Wyatt, our total is now 21.

Update 3, 6:00 pm: I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten worse at remembering to count as the day has gone on.  But we can add at least six more people to the tally.  I think I should have spent more time in Thompson to capitalize on the “crunchy scientist” stereotype (looking at you, geo majors).

Update 4, 8:30 pm: About 34 people wearing plaid over the course of ten hours on campus.  I don’t have any conclusions to draw from this besides the fact that I’ve always wondered how popular that particular PNW trend is on any given day.  And now you have a blog post about it.  You’re welcome.