It’s That Time of the Year

I love stationary and school supplies. I am that person who gets excited when I find a the perfect college ruled notebook that has the nicest paper. So, now that a new semester has started I obviously needed to stop by the bookstore.

I have a love-hate relationship with planners. Love as in I love planning and they are SO USEFUL. And hate as in I can never find The One. Like with my notebooks, I am also picky with planners. So, I tend to buy Moleskine notebooks and make my own. There are two. The purple one has more details, like goals. And the smaller black one is the one I take everywhere. It takes alot of work, but until a Build-A-Planner exists…

College-ruled is the only rule. Don’t trust people who like wide-ruled paper.

I love pens. Especially the fine point ones. So the Pilot G-2 0.5 is my personal holy grail. And the Le Pens are my favorite colored pens since there are sooo many colors. I don’t use them to take notes. I actually use them to color coordinate my planner.

Having great school supplies makes studying more fun in the end.

As for my classes this semester I am excited to announce that I will be taking ONLY 3.25 classes! I’ve never done this before! It’s great. I decided to do this because I have alot of projects and things I want to be able to do this semester. And a full load with two part-time jobs on top of all my other projects does not exactly mesh with the ordained eight hours of sleep a night deal.

So here are the classes I am taking are:

SOAN 213: City & Society

SOAN 298: Social Research

CSCI 261: Computer Science II

EDUC 296: Social Justice and Young Adult Literature