Fun fact: UPS has great professors (as if that were news).

According to one of many college rankings that people keep churning out, Puget Sound is one of twelve colleges with the best professors.  I tend to be a bit distrustful of these types of statements (What criteria were used?  How did you quantitatively measuring and ranking qualitative information?  How did you gather the data?  Who did the ranking?), but in this case, although I concede to having limited experience with professors outside of UPS, I lean toward agreement.

As a freshman, I was a bit nervous about starting college courses.  Don’t read that as me attempting to sound naïve and nervous and cute and relatable; it was a legitimate concern – I had spent about 50% of the final five months of my high school career in some degree of incapacitation due to an extensive series of migraines.  My high school teachers knew me well enough to cut me the appropriate slack, but I had no idea how college professors would react to a new student walking up to them and saying “Hey, my name’s Leah Shamlian, mind if I skip class and turn in assignments late without marking me down?”

But, to their infinite credit, in six semesters of college, my professors almost without exception have been sympathetic and worked with me rather than looking down their noses and waving me off with flared-nostriled sneers from the lofty heights of their ivory towers.  They’re also lots of fun to chat with, and usually go by their first names (to the shock and horror of my aunt, whose sons both went to schools of more than 30,000 students).

Basically, the professors at Puget Sound are great.  Indeed, I might even posit that they wield mysterious therapeutic powers – because the correlation between college and decreased migraines is obviously due to causation.