“Excellence in Action” Nominees and Winners 2013

Each year, the Staff Senate sponsors an “Excellence in Action” award to recognize campus departments and staff members who consistently exhibit excellence in their work at Puget Sound. The 2013 nominees and winners were recognized during the annual Staff Recognition Luncheon, held on Friday, May 24. Below are listed the nominees and winners. Congratulations to all.

Individual Winners:

Chandra Sims
Ellen Peters
Joel Arakaki
Shirley Yenkala

Departmental Winner:

Arches (with special mention to editor Chuck Luce)

Individual Nominees:

Alexis Greenwood, Technology Services
Ana Burns-Johnson, Human Resources
Bob Peaslee, Chemistry Department
Brenda Seaworth, Facilities Services
Chandra Sims, Dining and Conference Services
Chuck Luce, Office of Communications
Czarina Ramsay, Multicultural Student Services
Ellen Peters, Office of Institutional Research
Emily Precht-Patterson, Technology Services
Gary Shugart, Museum of Natural History
Greg Pfeiffer, Facilities Services
Helen Garczynski, Spirituality, Service & Justice
Jeff Thomas, Athletics
Jessie Carter, Human Resources
Joel Arakaki, Technology Services
Kathy Samms, Geology Department, Health Professions Advising
Katie Holmes, Human Resources
Laura Edgar, Art Department
Lori Blake, Office of the Registrar
Nina VanDeMark, School of Physical Therapy
Sarah Comstock, Student Activities
Shane Daetwiler, Residence Life
Sharon Chambers-Gordon, Graduate Fellowships
Shirley Yenkala, Facilities Services
Terri Gonzalez, English Department
Terry Calbert, Security Services

Departmental Nominees:

Arches Staff
Client Support Team
Educational Technology
Student Activities Office
Technology Services
University of Puget Sound Staff