Upcoming talk: January 29, 2018


History Talk by Professor Doug Sackman:
“California Dreaming” (Past-port event).
All are welcome.

The “Past-Port”: This is our third year of the “Past-Port” series of History talks. We organized this series and system to encourage participation in the ongoing dialog about the past among professors and students of history. Here’s how it works: History professors have been distributing the little red Past-Ports in their classes. Students fill it out and date it, and receive a stamp for attending each designated event from history faculty present. Qualifying events will be announced beforehand in class, by email, and on the department blog, and will include formal talks, theses presentations and department gatherings. Students who attend at least 10 talks before graduation and turn their Past-Port in to the department secretary (Wyatt 135) before the last day of class will receive recognition and a reward (to be determined) at our annual History Day, usually on the last day of classes. Seniors graduating this Spring will only have to accumulate stamps for seven events.