How to be an Adult

Finally, midterms are almost over. So what did I do to unwind from school stress? Reward myself with a trip to Build-A-Bear, y’know, like a real adult.

I called for days until they finally had the plush I wanted back in stock… Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon! (Can you blame me? He’s adorable.) So, my buddy Vince and I took a trip back to childhood and built our own stuffed dragons!

Making my Toothless!

Making my Toothless!

Vince strikes and excited action pose

Vince strikes and excited action pose










The lady who helped us was surprisingly unfazed by a couple of 20+ year olds joining the usual crowd of 7 year olds.



A very happy Vince

A very happy Vince



…and that’s the correct way to be an adult.

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…at least, that’s what it feels like when your face is in the paper! An article published in Puget Sound’s school paper, The Trail, focused on the improv comedy group I’m a part of here on campus, Ubiquitous They. My (somewhat evil looking?) face was in the paper! (Along with my friend and fellow funny person, Darrin Schultz’16) Truly an honor.


Ready the full article and many others on The Trail’s website, found here!

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Town Crier!

Last week was the 13th annual Town Crier Speaks Festival! Town Crier is a festival of one act plays that are all written, directed, acted, and produced by students. This year I was in an awesome show called “Polygenic”, written by the fabulous Jordan Moeller’15, with some pretty great people. The story focuses on two men who had a relationship in college that was broken up by an affair that resulted in my character, 10 year old Hilda. It was a really interesting, funny, touching, and just overall well-written story. The show (and all the others!) went really well! Naturally, I’ve captured some pictures of the antics behind the scenes.IMG_6574

Polygenic cast selfie woo

Polygenic cast selfie woo



Fellow actors and directors!

Fellow actors and directors!

A classy picture of the whole cast: (left to right) our director Henry Reed'17, yours truly, Kyle Dybdal'15, and Lee Pennebaker'15.

A classy picture of my whole cast: (left to right) our director Henry Reed’17, yours truly, Kyle Dybdal’15, and Lee Pennebaker’15.

Can’t wait for next year!!

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Fall Break!

For my last fall break, I wanted to do something awesome! I wanted to get out of Tacoma, but I wasn’t sure what to do. That was until last Monday when my freshman year roommate, Lauren, invited me to go camping on the San Juan Islands. After some quick planning, we ended up reserving a camp site for Saturday through Monday at Deception Pass State Park, which was basically on Whidbey Island. It was under $100 for Lauren, our friend Sara, and me, which no seems ridiculous! People told us the weather would be awful and that going to Northern Washington in October was a bad idea. But boy were they wrong!

IMG_6904The whole weekend was perfect! We couldn’t believe how beautiful the weather and our surroundings were! It did rain Sunday night, but we were asleep and left the next morning. It also stopped raining long enough on Monday morning so that we could pack and cook breakfast in peace.


Some shots from the drive up



IMG_6926We kept “ooo”ing and “aaahhh”ing because every bend we’d take or hill we’d drive over just kept presenting our eyes with gifts! It was unbelievable!

When we made it to our campsite, we got down to work, like the modern feminist monsters we are, and pitched two tents: The first turned into our closet because the second one ended up being ridiculously huge, aka our camp mansion.

The closet and mansion

The closet and mansion


our campsite


After setting up camp, we then had time to explore the beauty of Deception Pass State Park.




Lauren and Sara

Lauren and Sara

Lauren and me

Lauren and me


Us girls

Us girls



Sara cooking the fajitas

Sara cooking the fajitas

The next day, we woke up and did a quick hike around the lake and then drove to the bridge that is over the actual strait of Deception Pass. When we had seen it the day before, it was a must to visit because…well…just look at it!




Then, we went to have some pb&js at a beach that we drove up to on our way to the next activity, which I will get to in a few.


Our picnic table view

Our picnic table view


IMG_7007After the beach, we drove to the other side of Whidbey Island, right by Langley,WA to Lauren’s friend’s vineyard for a wine tasting! The awesome thing about spending your 21st year in the Pacific North West is that you are able to do thing like this. People don’t know that this is a great area for wine, but boy is it! The perk of knowing the son of vineyard owner’s is that we were able to speak more to his mother about the wine and got a tour of the vineyard/farm.

Comfort's Vineyard on Whidbey Island

Comfort’s Vineyard on Whidbey Island

The beautiful 4 acre vineyard/farm has hosted many weddings, which isn’t surprising, look at that view!

A picture that Lauren took of the Comfort's dog, Atlas, and me in the arch where people get married

A picture that Lauren took of the Comfort’s dog, Atlas, and me in the arch where people get married

Me and Sinclair the llama. He was shy

Me and Sinclair the llama. He was shy

We walked around Langley, a cute town with a lot of galleries and coffee and food. I wish I had taken more photos, but I was so taken aback by the environment that I just wanted to enjoy it rather that photograph it.

Everyone should try and do this trip sometime. It’s worth every dollar, especially because it is extremely cheap compared to other trips like this. One warning though, we did take a Prius…so the tank was full with $25 worth of gas. So that’s one thing to take into account, but it would still be fun and beautiful! Consider going in the spring or summer and plan in advanced to assure a camp site.

I hope that this was helpful for future trips!

Happy Fall! 




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It’s almost Halloween!! YAAAY! While waiting for the fabulous day to arrive I’ve been doing an artists’ challenge called Inktober. It’s exactly what you’d expect: one ink drawing a day for the month of October! It’s harder than I expected because drawing with sharpies or ink or markers really forces you to be confident in your mark making, even if its just a doodle like most of mine are. Here’s mine up until yesterday, the 7th! (A quick warning, many of them are How to Train Your Dragon themed towards the end… it was the campus film this past weekend and it just reawakened by obsession)

       IMG_6539IMG_6545    IMG_6543IMG_6566 copy


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More Poetry

Time for another poem! This time the assignment was to write about a significant person. See if you can guess what “person” I chose! (;

At Four Years Old I Found a Friend

When I let myself in

from [the] cold [light]

[of] 3am stars

with an empty chest

and a doubting mind,

[your] reassurance

is silent and warm

and your tolerance

for my heavy forehead

against yours

is admirable.

Your unspoken


and steady [memory]

almost make me glad

you can’t repeat

what I tell you.

I can’t imagine

what you’d say if

you [could] speak,

but it’s lucky for me

that you’re an

unmatched listener

with a bed time

as late as mine.

I [never] thought

that in the [fade] of winter

I’d miss finding

dog hair

on all my clothes.

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More Printmaking

This week I had my first critique for the first big print project in my relief and intaglio class. The theme was the broad idea of “every day,” so I went a little more abstract and chose to design a print that featured not necessarily something I use every day, but something I think about. Since I’m from southern California, I associate home with the beach, so I used that as starting inspiration for my print. Here’s some pictures of my process!

My preliminary thumbnail sketch

My preliminary thumbnail sketch

Transferred the HUGE piece of linoleum, started carving!

Transferred the HUGE piece of linoleum, started carving!

Done carving, inking now!

Done carving, inking now!

All inked!

All inked!

My final 26.5x15 inch print!

My final 26.5×15 inch print!

I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, though it was certainly a challenge working at such a large size. This print, along with all the others in my class, will be put on display in the library this week!

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memory poem

As Maddie mentioned before, we are both in beginning poetry this semester. I just put together a “memory” poem about my trip 8 years ago to Ireland, a very important trip for my mom and I. Even though you wouldn’t guess it, my family’s Irish heritage is very important to us, including my dad, who could have some Irish background, but we’re not sure. Anyway, long story short, here’s my (FIRST) draft of this poem:

Céad Míle Fáilte (A Hundred Thousand Welcomes):

A Love Letter to Ireland

There are no pictures to help remember,

But maybe that’s best.

Every once in a while

A smell with tickle my nose

And it takes me back to the nice Manor

With scented toilet paper.


My memory is a scrap book

Of when we visited the land

Where our ancestors walked for centuries.


The old men looked like dolls,

Sitting in pubs, speaking Gaelic,

Hair white and cheeks pink.

Butterflies fill my stomach as

I think of listening to British pop

While looking at grey rocks and skies.


Driving past green hills dotted with sheep

And casual 500 year old castles

Standing like abandoned barns in the country.


The most meaningful part was probably

When I laid down on the old castle bricks

And trusted an old man to support me

As I pulled myself towards the ancient stone,

Hanging upside down as I kissed Blarney

And received the gift of gab.


Nowhere compares to Eire

The Emerald of the world

Erin go bragh


There you go! Again, this a first draft!

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Farmer’s Market Fun

It’s the weekend, hooray! And Saturday means the Proctor Farmer’s Market is on. My friend Lindsey and I took a trip to see all the people and pretty produce lining the streets.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Lindsey ft. pumpkins

So many people!!

So many people!!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset I couldn’t resist the beautiful bouquets of fall colored dahlias and daisies, so I just had to pick one up for my suite.

Me ft. dahlias

Me ft. dahlias

On the way home, we popped by Starbucks and had some tea and caught up. It was a really good Saturday!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Plus, my suite has some awesome flowers that really brighten up studying. (Just ask my suitemates Eden and Kabir)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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Title says it all. My friend got a cat. She brought her to visit campus on a little leash. She was wearing a little sweater. Her name is Dinah. We had a kitten party.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

My buddy John with Dinah!

My buddy John with Dinah!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

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