2015: The Year of Adulthood. (Well, let’s hope.)

2014 was a huge year for me (there’s probably another blog post about that to come), and I’m pretty sure 2015 is going to be even huger. This coming semester will be my last few months hanging around UPS, and after that… well, right now I honestly don’t know what I’m doing. Taking my first few steps into post-college adult life, hopefully. Which is, as you would imagine, both incredibly exciting and extremely terrifying.

So I’ve already got a few new year’s resolutions in mind for 2015, which will hopefully get a big year off to a good start:

  1. Try more things you’ve never done before. Even if it’s just once. Life is short, and it would be a terrible shame to miss out on something that might end up being awesome and life-changing.
  2. Keep in better contact with people you’re far away from. We’re blessed to live in an era when staying in contact is so easy. Make more phone calls, send more texts, snapchats, wall posts, whatever. (Sending snail mail isn’t a bad idea either, especially for someone’s birthday or another special occasion.)
  3. Apply to more jobs, even if it seems like you don’t fit all the qualifications. You never know, it could turn out to be perfect, and just the kind of experience/challenge that will benefit you later on.
  4. Be more of an adult. For me right now, that means staying on top of the little things I’m usually too lazy to do: doing laundry more often, taking vitamins more often, staying caught up on the news, getting my car’s oil changed before it’s overdue, etc.
  5. Be more openminded. Terrible things are happening in the world right now… actually, terrible things are pretty much always happening, but people are starting to talk about it more and more. To avoid making things even worse, it’s important to enter heavy conversations with two things in mind: A) It’s very likely that someone in this conversation knows more about the situation than you do. And, B) It’s very likely that someone in this conversation has little to no knowledge about the situation at all, and their views are likely a product of the corruption in our society. Jumping down their throat about it probably will not help. Educating them with kindness probably will.

I’d be interested in hearing my fellow (b)loggers’ resolutions, if anybody has any blog posts left to cram into the semester, like me 😉 Happy New Year, everybody!