Attention all creative types!

Submission deadlines are fast approaching for Crosscurrents and Wetlands, two really awesome creative magazines on campus. Both of them accept all kinds of creative submissions: art, poetry, prose, whatever. So if you have anything to submit, now is the time.

I’ve really loved being involved with both Crosscurrents and Wetlands over the past couple years, and submitting your creative stuff for publication is a really great way to practice putting your work out there, for all the world to see. Plus, if you do get published (which you very well might! You never know just how good your submission might be!), it’s a great thing to put on your resumé. I know I’ve been working on my resumé for the past couple of days because the Career Fair is coming up tomorrow, and for some reason, I feel like having it on my resumé that I’ve published poetry in CCR and Wetlands just makes me look a teeny bit cooler. We’ll see if my potential employers agree. 😉

The Wetlands deadline is November 1 (coming up really soon!), so if you have any great creative works pertaining to gender, sexuality, race, intersectionality, feminism, all that jazz, submit away! Submissions can be sent to, and you can peruse the UPS Wetlands blog / browse previous issues here. The Crosscurrents deadline is November 7, and they accept submissions on any topic. Submissions can be emailed to 

Hope you all are having a great week!