“Shake the dust.”

Last week ASUPS Cultural Events had a brilliant spoken word poet, Anis Mojgani, come to visit our campus and perform some poetry.┬áThis guy is a two-time National Poetry Slam Champion and winner of the International World Cup Poetry Slam, so just being able to have him here was really an incredible experience–but not only that, my poetry class got the opportunity to speak with him for awhile while he visited our class on Thursday.

We got to hear all about his life and career and have some really interesting discussions with him about poetry writing. He had some really great advice about writing and publishing as well–and a lot of it was really poignant and relevant to what I’ve been struggling with lately. I just wanted to share a little bit of his writing wisdom; I was jotting down some notes while he was talking, and I didn’t get his exact wording, but here’s the gist of what he said when asked about how to deal with writer’s block:

“I really recommend getting into a routine, finding what works best for you and your writing, and stick to that routine. Know when to push yourself. Make writing a present part of your existence. Make it like a friend you spend a good amount of time with every day. Don’t make it like a friend you bump into once every couple of months, or someone you wave to when you see them around, because then when you sit down with them you don’t really know what to talk about. Make writing a present part of your life and of who you are.”

-Anis Mojgani