Ah, I can almost taste the summer…

Beautiful days like today make me yearn for the days of summer ahead. The days when I’ll be… still here on campus, taking a summer class.

I’m finishing up my junior year in a few weeks, but due to AP and activity credits, I only need to complete five more units before I can graduate. I figured it would be, er… more financially efficient, shall we say… to graduate a semester early. Which is why this summer, as soon as finals are over, I’m going to start right up again with a summer course (before potentially going abroad for part of the summer. More news on that to come).

I’m legitimately excited to still be around here this summer. I’ve never gotten to stay up in Washington for the summer, and there are a few things I’m looking forward to:

  • The beauteous sunny weather you don’t get to experience much during the school year.
  • Walking around campus barefoot without your feet getting wet.
  • Experiencing summer weather that isn’t so sweltering hot that you can’t go running at any time when the sun is above the horizon. (Washingtonians say 80 degrees is hot, but don’t listen to them.)
  • Getting to hang out around here while only taking one class. (Though it is one entire course crammed into six weeks, it’s still got to be more relaxing than a regular semester of 4+ courses, right?)
  • Adventures and fun with local friends and roommates
  • And maybe, just maybe, getting to experience the glory of the newly-remodeled dining hall a little earlier than everyone else.

On that note, the SUB isn’t keeping student workers on for the summer due to the remodeling… So┬áif anyone knows of a place, on campus or off, who would be willing to hire someone for the first half of the summer, you should contact me. If I’m going to go abroad, I’ll need to work for it.