Hail poetry

This semester I’m in Prof. Kupinse’s advanced poetry writing class—which feels weird to say, because I don’t feel like my poetry skills are particularly “advanced,” even though I guess I’ve written and studied quite a lot of poetry in my time here. We’ve done a lot of really interesting and fun work in this class, and recently our class got to showcase a little of our work in a poetry reading. We gathered at the Metronome Café a few blocks from campus, and everybody read two or three of the poems they’d written and workshopped in this class.

Here are a few photos from the evening:

IMG_2526 IMG_2533

IMG_2539 IMG_2529

The turnout was really incredible; lots of friends and family members showed up to hear the reading and everyone was so supportive of the readers. I have to admit, this reading was something that I’d been somewhat nervous about for awhile—partially because I really dislike public speaking, and partially because I don’t particularly enjoy sharing my writing, especially not with large groups of strangers. (Even workshopping my poems among friendly classmates can be stressful enough for me!) But this reading was truly a relaxed and supportive environment, and a really great way to share some of the work we’ve done in this class. I was actually really surprised and touched when someone approached me after the reading to say that one of my poems had really hit home for them. When I have to share my writing with people, I generally expect to be met with nothing but criticism, but in this reading we were met with nothing but support.

Besides that, hearing my classmates read some of the works that they’ve tweaked, rewritten, and perfected over the semester was just really rewarding and fun… plus at the end we got to hear an original piece from a seven-year-old poet, which made the whole experience extra awesome.