So, how ’bout that snow?

It has come to my attention over the past few days that:

  2. It does not snow nearly often enough here.
  3. When it does, the experience is far too fleeting.

For weeks, my friends and relatives in Oregon, northern California, and even Texas (seriously, Texas), have been celebrating their snow days on Facebook, and demanding, “Has it snowed in Washington yet?” But despite the frigid cold, for weeks there was not a flake to be seen here. I started to resent receiving snapchats of friends with their snowmen and snow forts, when all I had to occupy my time was my job, my choir memorization, and my already-stressful gender studies thesis.

And then Saturday night happened, and everything was beautiful.

It started snowing around eight in the evening, but my friends and I waited inside until the flakes were coming down fast and the snow was already a couple inches thick on the ground, and then we traipsed outside to play in it. And god, was it fun. We threw snowballs and made snow angels and re-enacted scenes from Frozen acted like the adults we are. And I only slipped and fell on my butt like, twice.

It’s really amazing how just a couple hours of snowfall can transform this whole campus into something new, and get people so excited about life. Sometimes, when you’re here day in and day out, enduring the trials of everyday college-student life, the beauty of this campus can lose some of its shine–can even get a little mundane. And then when something like a snow day–or even a snow night–happens, it sort of reinvigorates everything that’s great about UPS. This campus is awesome, and the people here know how to have a good time.

Okay, so despite singing “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman” a few dozen times while out playing (to the great annoyance of my friends), I didn’t actually get to build any snowmen. But on campus today, outlasting the rest of the fast-melting snow, I spotted some really great snowmen that my fellow students have built. One of my favorites is the sleeping Pokemon between Jones and the music building (go get a look at it before it melts, it’s too cute). But my absolute favorite has to be the snowman out back of the Tea House on Theme Row. It’s Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender, complete with a cup of tea.