Mystery Artist of the Vegan Station

One of my favorite writers has started a game of sorts on his twitter called #OfficeArt, where he and his followers share artwork that they or their coworkers create at the offices they work in. When this began, I was intrigued with the idea, but I was unable to contribute much, because 1) I don’t work in an office and 2) I can’t draw.

However, I have started to stumble across art of sorts in my workplace.

This might not be what you would expect, seeing as I work in the sub. This semester I work early mornings at the chef’s table and vegan station,¬†usually cooking bacon and sausage or whipping up tofu scramble for breakfast burritos. And over the past few months at my vegan station shifts, I’ve started to find mysterious art, drawn on anything and everything. I have no idea who has been making it, or if it’s more than one person, but it is seriously cool.


It started out simple enough – the star drawn into the center of the fan above, the addition of the word “prime” after “optimus” at the bottom.


Then there was this box of saran wrap, clearly marked VEGAN in cool graffiti-type lettering. A little more artistic skill there.

Once I looked around the station I started finding more:


Mostly done in sharpie, but a few in ballpoint pen, like this:


And then there’s this awesome frog:


I don’t know who you are, mysterious vegan station artist, but I dig your stuff. I’m keeping an eye out for more.