About STS in the News

Tossed by the troubled seas of science and society? Whether you hail from the north, south, east, or west, STS is your compass to navigating new worlds. Examining the roots of contemporary problems involving the relationship and intersections between science, technology, and society, this blog aims to bring current STS news to our readers. No need to be an STS expert, we write for everyone, regardless of knowledge base. Get ready to set sail into uncharted waters and journey to the past, present, and potential future(s) with us. 

What is STS?

Scientists put aspects of the natural world “under a microscope” to better understand that part of nature. STS scholars then put the scientists and the objects they study “under a microscope” to better understand not only how and why science and technology has changed over time but also how social and cultural factors have affected the scientific community and how, in turn, the development of science and technology have affected society. We hope you’ll join us on this voyage!

Written by passionate STS students.