How to Connect to Another Mailbox[edit]

  1. Login to Webmail and click the drop down menu from user’s name
  2. Choose Open another mailbox…
  3. Type the full email address and click Open

Webmail connect mailbox1.png Webmail connect mailbox2.png

How to Create Rules[edit]

  1. While logged in, navigate to Settings > Options.
  2. Click on “organize email” and click on the plus sign to create a rule.

Webmail settings gear.png Webmail inbox rules.png

Since there’s quite a variety of rules that can be set up, let’s not get into those details since Webmail is relatively user friendly. (Although Outlook users will undoubtedly usually be confused by the layout.) The most common rules people will want created are to move messages into folders. At the end of creating the rule, it should ask whether the user would like the rule to be applied to messages currently in the inbox.

How to Set Automatic Replies[edit]

Click on the Settings Gear icon > “Set Automatic Replies” and it’s right there!!

Things to consider:

  • User can either turn on automatic replies which would require them to turn it off once they return or set a time period (advantage for forgetful people)
  • Enable automatic reply for external senders (i.e. anyone with a non @pugetsound.edu email address)
    • Scroll down and select “Send automatic reply messages to senders outside my organization”
    • Then select whether you want it sent to everybody or just those on your Contacts list
    • Copy/paste whatever is in the message field for internal senders OR if they want to be fancy, different messages can be set

Fun Fact/ProTip: If you’re sending an internal email to somebody with an automatic reply set (granted you’re in Webmail or Outlook), their out of office message will actually appear at the top of your composition before you actually send them an email!