Sophos Antivirus (SAV)



Sophos Cloud Endpoint is currently the Antivirus software used on university-owned Macs.

Installing Sophos

  1. Remote into user’s computer
  2. In Finder menu: click Go > Connect to Server and type in smb://tsfileserver/mac_software
    • If the user has a network drive actively mapped, disconnect first.
    • Enter your own credentials when prompted.
  3. Click on the Sophos Installer Download
  4. Open up the folder and Launch the Sophos Installer
  5. Proceed through the prompts (user will need to enter the password to their Mac during this)
  6. When install is complete, click on the Sophos icon and hit Update Now
    • If Update Now is grayed out, restart the computer and repeat from step 4 onward
    • It is extremely important that these options are NOT grayed out as Sophos is likely not running correctly if that is the case
  7. Extra step: search for their computer name in our Sophos management console to make sure it’s showing up

How To’s

For reference, this is what the menu should look like.

Note: The Sophos icon is the shield with the S within (highlighted in blue in the screenshot below).

Sophos Icon and Dropdown Menu.png

How to check that it is running and has run a scan recently.

  1. Click on the Sophos icon
  2. Click Open Scans…
  3. Another screen will pop up, and if there has been a scan, it should note that where the boxed field is.

Sophos Scan History.png

How to review and clear out quarantined items.

  1. Click on the Sophos icon
  2. Click Open Quarantine Manager…
    • It will list whether items are quarantined
  3. If items are listed, click Cleanup
    • If an item is unable to be cleaned up by Sophos, you should be able to see the path of the file and manually remote it

Sophos Quarantine Manager.png

How to run a scan.

  1. Click on the Sophos icon
  2. Select Scan This Mac

Common Troubleshooting

University Computer Quarantined

If user is getting quarantined because their virus definitions are out of date, they most likely:

  • Have Sophos Endpoint Protection instead of Sophos Cloud Endpoint
  • Missed an update due to not being connected to the campus network

To find out what version they have, instruct the user to click on the Sophos icon, then click About Sophos Anti-Virus. If it does not have the word “cloud” in it, Sophos likely needs to be manually installed on their computer.

Sophos Cloud Endpoint.png

Personal Computer Quarantined

If a student or faculty’s personal Apple computer is quarantined, they can use these links to meet the antivirus criteria to connect to the network.

Anti-Virus Downloads

Sophos Home Edition