‘Zero-day Flash Bug’ Affecting Browsers

Technology Services is monitoring the worldwide situation regarding Adobe Flash concerns in Internet Explorer and other browsers that use Adobe Flash. As soon as patches are made available for this issue, we will work to install them as quickly as possible. In the meantime, the best course of action is to avoid visiting websites that are unfamiliar to you.

New Names for Network Share Servers

Puget Sound’s network share servers have new names!

For faculty, the server formerly known as “alexandria” is now FacultyFiles
(so use \\FacultyFiles\username to map your drive)

For staff, the server formerly known as “merlin2” is now StaffFiles
(so use \\StaffFiles\username to map your drive)

For students, the server formerly known as “alexandria” is StudentFiles
(so use \\StudentFiles\username to map your drive)

Please note “alexandria” and “merlin2” will still work for those who have already mapped their shares using those names. For more info, see Map to a Network Share within vDesk.

Technology Sessions at Professional Development and Enrichment Conference

TS staff will present on a range of technology topics and tools during the annual Professional Development and Enrichment Conference for university faculty and staff which is held Monday, January 9, through Thursday, January 12. There will be sessions on Buying a New Home Computer or Printer, Google Maps, iMovie, Mobile Devices, Moodle, New to Computers, Photoshop, Presenting with Digital Tools, SoundNet, vDesk, and Web 2.0 Tools.

Representatives from the Office of Communications will present on using the content management system for the campus website, social media at Puget Sound, and the university’s online image library. Sessions specifically related to the work involved in Optimize Puget Sound include Decision Making and Delegation and Adapting to Change, both of which will be presented by Susan Coskey of BrightSpring Consulting.

Most sessions are still open for registration. See the conference schedule for more information, including dates, times, locations, and session descriptions. To register for sessions, email trainme@pugetsound.edu or call 253.879.3369 by Friday, January 6.

How to use OSX built-in Application Switcher

When you combine the Command+Tab keyboard shortcut with the Option key in OSX it can open new and currently minimized windows as well.

Command+Tab brings up a list of not just open windows, but open apps. For apps that are open but currently window-less, you can open a new window by Command+Tabbing to the app, then holding down Option and releasing Command. If you are selecting an app that is currently minimized then OSX will bring that app to the forefront for your use.

See a video demonstration of this shortcut.

Malicious E-mail Warning

Some campus members have received malicious e-mail messages asking them to reply with personal information, including their Webmail password. Delete the message immediately.

Remember Technology Services staff will never ask for your password by e-mail. If you have questions about an unexpected e-mail message, please contact the Service Desk immediately.

—-Sample Message—-
From: Admissions [mailto:admissions@miles.edu]
Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 7:58 AM
Subject: Attention: Public Notice To All Webmail .edu Email User Please Read Now!
Importance: High

Attention: Public Notice To All Webmail .edu Email User
The Webmail .edu is upgrading database Servers from
the old Servers(No420134x) to the new Servers(No520193x).
You are to fill the details below to enable us
upgrade and verify from the old Server.
First Name:
Last Name:
DomainUsername: :
Domain Password :
Confirm Email Password :
Attention:Account owners who do not update his or her
account immediately you receive this Notification will
have problems using our online facilities effectively.
Notification Code:AXJ1G17AGA
Webmail .edu Upgrade Team REPLY VIA SAME CENTER
Thanks for your co-operation.
Copyright(@)2009.All Rights Reserved

Speaker Light Blinking on Your Phone?

Staff phone sets need to have the speaker phone reset periodically or if the set has ever lost its connection, like in our recent power outage. If the light next to the speaker button is flashing, press the blue shift button once and then the speaker button. You’ll hear a series of tones while the set optimizes the speakerphone for the specific acoustics of your office.

For this and other helpful telephone information, please visit our Telephone Self-Help Documents page.

Malicious E-mail Warning

Campus members have received malicious e-mail messages asking them to click on a link to install new security upgrades to Cascade. The message appears to come from a cascademail.ups.edu e-mail address. Delete the message immediately.

Technology Services recommends against clicking on links in e-mail messages, especially if you are not expecting the message. If you have questions about an unexpected e-mail message, please contact the Service Desk immediately.

Sample Message:

—–Original Message—–
From: cascademail.ups.edu Team [mailto:[emailaddressremoved]@cascademail.ups.edu]
Sent: Monday, February 22, 2010 7:36 AM
To: [emailaddressremoved]@cascademail.ups.edu
Subject: A new settings file for the [emailaddressremoved]@cascademail.ups.edu has just be released

Dear use of the cascademail.ups.edu mailing service!

We are informing you that because of the security upgrade of the mailing service your mailbox [emailaddressremoved]@cascademail.ups.edu settings were changed. In order to apply the new set of settings open this file:


Best regards, cascademail.ups.edu Technical Support.

Apple Releases Security update – 1/26/2010

Apple has released a security update to their operating system OS X version 10.5 and above. The security update addresses many security issues including maliciously crafted mp4 audio in the core audio component, maliciously crafted printer requests in the CUPS module, issues with the flash player plugin, and maliciously crafted pictures in various image programs. The security updates can be downloaded using the software update tool in OS X or by visiting Apple’s website.