2016 Cincinnati Book Arts Exhibition

CBSA Sculpture


Every year the Cincinnati Book Arts Society has a display of their work at the downtown Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Ohio. It was by shear luck that while we were visiting my sister Elaine who lives in Cincinnati, that we got to enjoy this extensive exhibit, BOOKWORKS XVII, as well as quite a few items from the library’s book arts’ permanent collection, Keith Kuhn Memorial Exhibit. Very inspiring and amazing. Attached here is a link to the library’s publication that covers this CBAS exhibit: Bookworks XVII
The photo above is a wonderful bronze sculpture in front of the library. Conceived and executed by former Cincinnati sculptor Michael Frasca, this ornamental fountain was made possible by a bequest from Mrs. Weinberg and was dedicated in 1990. Affectionately known as the “book fountain,” the sculpture features water cascading over a stack of ceramic tile books, representing the free flow of information and ideas through the printed word.

Photos from the CBAS Exhibition

Post and Photos by Elizabeth Walsh
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The Arts and Crafts Press: A Tacoma Treasure

The William Morris Society in America and The Book Club of Washington recently joined together to visit this wonderful press in Tacoma, Washington.  As a result of this collaboration,  several Puget Sound Book Artists members were fortunate to join both the William Morris Society and The Book Club of Washington during this visit to the Arts & Crafts Press. Learn more about the Press by visiting their website:

Entrance to Arts & Crafts Press Photo by Jane Carlin

Entrance to Arts & Crafts Press
Photo by Jane Carlin

Travel down South Tacoma Way, in Tacoma, Washington, and the last thing you would expect to find is a bustling Arts & Crafts Press. But find, you do!   Nestled between warehouses and industrial buildings is the castle like building with a bright red door that beckons you to open it up and discover the wonder inside.

This wonderful building is home to the Arts & Crafts Press, founded by Yoshiko Yamamoto and Bruce Smith in 1996.  The building, originally built for the Tillicum Toy Company in 1929 on Route 99, was once the largest wooden toy manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest. The original 1920’s castle like structure is the perfect setting for this press.

Arts & Crafts Press  Photo Arts & Crafts Press

Arts & Crafts Press
Photo Arts & Crafts Press

Originally established as a publishing house which focused on the Arts & Crafts movement, the Press has expanded to include limited-edition prints and greeting cards, all printed from hand cut blocks inspired by the movement. Yoshiko and Bruce started out in California and were inspired by many printers from the Bay Area, but the beauty and grandeur of the Pacific Northwest drew them to Tacoma.   The landscape of this region is the inspiration behind many of the beautiful and colorful designed developed by Yoshiko.   On December 11, 2015 The Arts & Crafts Press was featured on the Celebration episode of PBS’s national show Craft in America. Some of the earliest publications of the Press were inspired by the little magazine movement such as The Tabby: A Chronicle of the Arts & Crafts Movement


The Tabby: photo by Jane Carlin

   This small publication exemplifies the principals of the Arts & Crafts movement and resonates with the mission of the press.  To paraphrase Bruce, “the work and craft we do is as important at the art we do.”  Both Bruce and Yoshiko draw inspiration from the work of William Morris, but also from Elbert Hubbard and the Roycrofters, Dard Hunter, Will Bradley and Frederic Goudy.  Their personal collection of Arts & Crafts publications and ephemera, including a printer’s scrapbook, serve as a foundation for much of their work.



A small part of Bruce Smiths collection of work from the Arts & Crafts Movement. Photo by Jane Carlin

A small part of Bruce Smiths collection of work from the Arts & Crafts Movement.
Photo by Jane Carlin


Clearly, Bruce Smith, as a long time author and collector in the fields of both William Morris and Arts & Crafts printing history  has a deep love, understanding and admiration for the influence of  Morris.  The many examples he showed the group of books printed shortly after Morris’s death, as well as those printed well into the early 20th century, helped us all understand how their own The Arts & Crafts Press came into existence.  Yoshiko Yamamoto, the artist/printer has clearly learned a great deal from the study of the works of Morris, Dard Hunter and others of the Arts & Crafts movement.  But her early life in Japan, her study of their wonderful wood block art form have resulted in her own true unique style.  Her colors are bold and bright and totally pleasing to the eye.  Her printing, be it on note cards, pictures or broadsides are always of the highest quality.


Poppies in Bloom Photo Courtesy of Arts & Crafts Press

Poppies in Bloom Photo Courtesy of Arts & Crafts Press

Both Bruce and Yoshiko are also committed to social justice and sustainability.  The Press seeks to embrace environmentally sustainable materials and ways of printing.  Recycling all their paper and metal and using many soy based inks and vegetable oil for cleaning are just some of the ways they care for our environment. The Press serves as a model for responsible printing and as shared from their web site:  We print, because we care and love our friends, family, and environs. So why not take it one step further and print kinder to ourselves and our earth?

Lantern Floating Photo Courtesy of Arts & Craft Press

Lantern Floating
Photo Courtesy of Arts & Craft Press


Recently, Bruce and Yoshiko participated in the annual From Hiroshima to Hope: Lantern Ceremony in Seattle.  An annual event to promote peace event in memory of victims of Hiroshima/Nagasaki and all victims of violence and war. The block print Lantern Floating commemorates this event.  Yoshiko Yamamoto designed, carved and printed this linoleum block print with the help of another Tacoma based artist Taylor Cox.


Jack Waldorf shows off his keepsake Photo courtesy of Jane Carlin

Jack Waldorf shows off his keepsake
Photo courtesy of Jane Carlin

One of the true highlights of visiting The Arts and Crafts Press was being able to print a keepsake, designed by Yoshiko , using the Morris quotation; “We are only Trustees for those who come after us.  William Morris (1889). This keepsake holds special meaning as Yoshiko has just returned from a visit to the UK where she visited many of the Morris landmarks; including Kelmscott Manor. She is working on a new project to illustrate News from Nowhere, which will no doubt be a most impressive artistic endeavor.

Yoshiko and Bruce inspire a new generation of printers, artists, and lovers of Morris and the Arts & Crafts movement.  They work hard to maintain work that is affordable and accessible to all but of the highest quality.  Mark Hoppmann, a well-known Tacoma artist, and President of the Puget Sound Book Artists has this to say about their work: Thoreau once said “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”  Not so, with Yoshiko Yamamoto and Bruce Smith.  Surrounded by both vintage and modern letterpress equipment, both Bruce and Yoshiko are leaving a legacy in their own right, to the arts and crafts movement begun in the late 19th century.

It will be through the writing and collecting efforts of people  like Bruce Smith and the art and printing of Yoshiko Yamamoto, that collectors and lovers of fine books and prints will be able to afford what William Morris wanted throughout his life, art for the people.


Bruce Smith shows Gabby Cooksey work from the Arts & Crafts Movement Photo : Jane Carlin

Yoshiko Yamamoto

Yoshiko Yamamoto demonstrates printing on one of her many presses at the Arts & Craft Press Photo: Jane Carlin

Blog by Jane A. Carlin, Director, Collins Memorial Library, University of Puget Sound
Photos courtesy of Jane Carlin and Arts & Crafts Press

For additional information about this fine press, be sure to visit the Arts & Crafts website!

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Bridging The Water

An exciting offshoot of the PSBA annual exhibition is a summer exhibition of selected PSBA member works to be held at Bower Ashton Library in collaboration with the prestigious Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England, in Bristol, England. The exhibition, Bridging the Water, will be on display at the library later this summer. As Jane Carlin, Vice President of PSBA reflects,” this connection is a result of the increasing recognition of the work produced by PSBA artists. It is great to think of how artists from our community will be discovered in a gallery almost 5,000 miles away!”

MalPina Chan, Knock on Wood, 2015. Photo: MalPina Chan Patricia Chupa, AOE, 2010. Photo: Patricia Chupa Debbi Commodore, Neighborhood No. 3, 2014. Photo: Ross Mulhausen Gabrielle Cooksey, Monsters and Beasts, 2014. Photo: Danielle Williams

The Centre for Fine Print Research is recognised as of the UK’s leading Centre’s in support of art and design. PSBA has been fortunate to work with Sarah Bodman, Senior Research Fellow for Artists’ Books, where she runs projects investigating and promoting contemporary book arts. We are delighted that Sarah supports Bridging the Water.

PSBA was drawn to the metaphor of Bridging the Water as the title of the exhibit and are intrigued by the connections artists might make together in the future. Tacoma is located on Commencement Bay, part of the Puget Sound, surrounded by the Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges with magnificent views of Mt. Rainier. Tacoma and the surrounding area is a community that supports the arts. Like Bristol, Tacoma is defined by its’ connection to water and the Narrows Bridge, like the suspension bridge in Bristol, connects communities and people. PSBA Artists are intrigued by the connections we might make together in the future. This collection of artists’ books on display reflects contributions from our members from past exhibits and work which reflects the diversity of our book arts community.

Mari Eckstein Gower, Soldier's Heart, 2014. Photo: Mari Eckstein Gower Deborah Greenwood, Sewing Seeds, 2014. Photo: Lucia Harrison and Deborah Greenwood Lucia Harrison, The Wall, 2008. Photo: Ross Mulhausen Mark Hoppmann, The Water’s Edge, 2015. Photo: Mark Hoppmann

Participating artists include:
MalPina Chan, Debbi Commodore, Gabrielle Cooksey, Patricia Chupa, Mari Eckstein Gower, Deborah Greenwood, Lucia Harrison, Mark Hoppmann, Carol Inderieden, Kim Izenman, Bonnie Larson, Dorothy McCuistion, Chandler O’Leary, Gina Pisello, Laura Russell, Lynn Skordal, Jessica Spring, and Jan Ward

Puget Sound Book Artists (PSBA) is a nonprofit organization with the purpose of creating a spirit of community amongst books artists and those who love books. Now celebrating its’ 7th year, PSBA is based in Tacoma, Washington, USA. PSBA received the city’s AMOCAT award (that’s Tacoma spelled backward) for Community Outreach by an Organisation. PSBA strives to increase educational opportunities for individuals as well as organisations, fostering excellence through exhibitions, workshops, lectures and publications. PSBA sponsors a yearly members’ exhibition, lectures and mini-workshops where individuals can explore, create and share with others. The annual members’ exhibition is a highlight of the year. The exhibit invites all members to participate and a dedicated curatorial team selects and designs the exhibit and prepares the printed catalogue.

Kim Izenman, Bridge.2, 2015. Photo: Kim Izenman Bonnie Larson, The Art of the Card, 2015. Dorothy McCuistion, Backyard, 2015. Photo: Chris Tumbusch Chandler O'Leary & Carol Inderieden, Empire Builder, 2015. Photo: Chandler O'Leary

Each year the exhibition features a variety of artists that challenge and inspire book artists. PSBA is delighted to have the work of eighteen member artists on display at UWE from July 4 – August 31, 2016.

How to find the library is here: It is City Campus, Bower Ashton: http://www1.uwe.ac.uk/comingtouwe/howtofindus/howtofindcitycampus.aspx

Library opening hours are here: http://www1.uwe.ac.uk/library/visitingthelibrary/openingtimes.aspx

PSBA Web site: http://blogs.pugetsound.edu/pugetsoundbookartists

Gina Pisello, Small Migrations, 2015. Photo: Gina Pisello Laura Russell, Anything Helps, 2013. Photo: Laura Russell Lynn Skordal, The Clearing, 2012. Photo: Lynn Skordal Jessica Spring, Fathoming, 2015. Photo: Jessica Spring Jan Ward, Rusted, 2012. Photo: Ross Mulhausen
2016-06-23 15.38.572016-06-23 15.37.382016-06-23 15.38.452016-06-23 15.37.25
Blog: Sarah Bodman & Jane Carlin
Photo Credits: Sarah Bodman & Jane Carlin
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Northwest Musings: A Call To Artists

Northwest Musings: A Call To Artists

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2016 Members’ Exhibition Award Recipients

 psba2016_emailimageAnnouncing The
Puget Sound Book Artists 6th Annual Members’ Exhibition
Award Recipients

wilson02a croppedAward for Excellence
Carletta Wilson:
Georgy and Bitty’s Quarters

George and Bitty’s Quarters is one of seven houses that comprise part of the series “knot my name haint my house.” While marriage was not sanctioned between enslaved persons some people formed unions recognizing that, at any moment, their partner could be sold away without notice. My work tends to be very ornate and embellished. It was a challenge to create works that inhabit a sense of simplicity. The housing for enslaved people was varied from wooden shacks to brick buildings, although the standard abode was a poorly constructed structure that barely kept the elements at bay.

norman01aCollins Library Award
Bonnie Thompson Norman
Ballot Box

For me, voting is a fundamental and cherished expression of patriotism and democracy though this right is not explicitly stated nor granted in the Constitution. Ballot BOX (produced collaboratively in a class) is a literal and symbolic representation of a right which should be available to all Americans but which is being threatened and eroded. It contains a riddle and quotes from historical and literary figures. Most importantly, it includes general information on vote eligibility and registering to vote. Ballot BOX is intended both to inform and inspire people to VOTE.

mccuistion02bCurators’ Choice Award
Dorothy McCuistion
Family Album

This little book contains copies of treasured family photos of some of my direct ancestors. On the right side of the book are my great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mother and myself, and on the left are my great-grandfathers, grandfathers, father and my husband. By flipping the cut pages out of order, new faces are created. Whom do I resemble? Did I inherit my paternal grandmother’s hair? My mother’s eyes? My father’s chin? The responses to these and other questions connect me to my past in a tangible way and affirm my place in the world.

The 6th Annual Member’s Exhibition is one deserving of recognition.  In the words of Ellen Ziegler, juror for The Award for Excellence,  “The level of sophistication, the variety of concepts, the innovative use of book structure, and the original content – all contributed to a show that is notable for its excellence, a show that could hold its own anywhere in the country.”

Congratulations to everyone who contributed work to this years’ exceptional exhibition , and congratulations especially to Lynne Knopp, Jan Ward, Taylor Cox,  and Suze Woolf, this years curators, for a job well done!

Mark Hoppmann
PSBA President
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PSBA Mini-workshop: Fundamentals of Handmade Books

Are you new to PSBA?  Want to know more about basic book structure?  Want a place to start?  Look no further!  Just in time for the launch of the Annual Members’ Exhibition, we are offering a mini – workshop in our Fundamentals of Handmade Books Series.  Back by popular demand, Gabby Cooksey will be the workshop leader.

Accordion Books

Back to Back Accordion BookPSBA Mini-workshop: Fundamentals of Handmade Books

SATURDAY, June 25th 2016
noon to 3p.m.
Location: Room 020, Collins Library, University of Puget Sound

This Workshop has filled!

This class is meant for people who have never made a book before and want to just start somewhere. You will have made a book (hopefully a couple) by the end of the three hours so you can walk away with something. You can also expect to learn the fundamentals of folding, scoring and bookbinding tools.
​Presenter: PSBA member Gabby Cooksey, Graduate of North Bennet Street School for Bookbinding in Boston, MA; studied at the American Academy of Bookbinding in Telluride, CO and at the Montefiascone Conservation Project in Italy

The accordion structure is perhaps the most versatile structure in the world of bookbinding. This structure, also referred to as the concertina, displays both pictures and words in an immediate and Zen-like game of mountains and valleys. In this workshop you will learn the basics of the accordion structure and explore several variations of the back-to-back structure which will serve as prototypes for future projects.

Tool List:  ( If you are new to making books, Artco and Michaels Crafts  should have all these supplies)

  • scissors
  • pencil
  • bone folder
  • glue stick
  • ruler at least 12 inches
  • cutting matt
  • needle
  • awl
  • triangle

All materials and patterns provided

Workshop fee ($15 for members, $25 for non-members) paid to PSBA on day of workshop.

We’re sorry, but this workshop has filled!

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PSBA Sixth Annual Members’ Exhibition

We all know what a book is, right? But if you want to have your understanding of that familiar form not only confirmed, but extended, challenged, and, yes, celebrated, then join us in viewing 60 works by 38 regional artists at University of Puget Sound’s Collins Memorial Library. Opening on June 2 and showing through July 30, 2016, the Sixth Annual Member exhibition of Puget Sound Book Artists is free and open to all. Prepare to have your assumptions challenged. PSBA 2016 images

The exhibit encompasses huge variations: from traditional codex-bound books, to those that can only be described as narrative sculptures. Within the artistic genre many subsets exist: collage and assemblage; folded origami pop-ups; hand-drawn, digital, letterpress and silk-screen printing; boxed and unboxed; multiples and one-of-a-kinds … and many more. An equally wide range of materials can be seen: machine and hand-made paper, of course, but also textile, ceramic, acrylic, wood, glass, found objects, salt, cultured biologic medium—even smashed electronics and broken crockery. Inspirations are as varied as the number of pieces—the book as culture, beauty, personal experience, social justice, the environment, and just plain fun.

Award of Excellence juror Ellen Zieger says, “The 2016 PSBA Show displays excellence in so many areas—originality, concept, execution, typography, use of a wide variety of traditional and invented forms—and without exception, deeply felt ideas, creativity, and hard work. Congratulations, all!”

According to PSBA president Mark Hoppmann, “What makes the PSBA unique that it is a member-driven organization committed to education.  We view the exhibition as an opportunity for our members to learn the ropes of the curatorial process, so to speak, from inception to opening night.  And, all members are invited to exhibit, which sets the PSBA apart from other organizations.  What is so great is that we have nationally recognized artists alongside artists just beginning their career. This type of mentoring has helped foster artistic growth and creativity.

Artists whose work is included: Mary Ashton, Victoria Bjorklund, Susan Brown, MalPina Chan, Pat Chupa, Debbi Commodore, Gabrielle Cooksey, Taylor Cox, Kathy Dickerson, Jan Dove, Becky Frehse, An Gates, Pam Gazale, Mari Eckstein Gower, Deborah Greenwood, Lucia Harrison, Mark Hoppmann, Kim Izenman, Bonnie Julien, Lynne Knopp, Bonnie Larson, Cora Li-Leger Judy Lynn, Dorothy McCuistion, Catherine-Alice Michaelis, Peter Newland, Bonnie Thompson Norman, Chandler O’Leary, Lynne Olson, Lily Richmond, Laura Russell, Lynn Skordal, Peggy Smith-Venturi, Jessica Spring, Laurie Strong, Jan Ward, Carletta Carrington Wilson, and Suze Woolf.

Jane Carlin, director of Collins Memorial Library and vice president of the organization, echoes Mark’s comments, “Many PSBA artists have formed artistic partnerships as a result of our organization, have had their work published and reviewed, and have been invited to exhibit in juried shows.  We are proud of the organization’s commitment to education and strengthening the book arts community.”

An exciting offshoot of the PSBA annual exhibition is a summer exhibition of selected PSBA member works to be held at the prestigious Centre for Fine Print Research, University of the West of England, in Bristol, England.  The exhibition, Bridging the Water, will be on display at the centre later this summer.  As Carlin reflects, this connection is a result of the increasing recognition of the work produced by PSBA artists. It is great to think of how artists from our community will be discovered in a gallery almost 5,000 miles away!

The University of Puget Sound will host several public programs in conjunction with the exhibition. In brief:

Opening Reception

June 9, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m., Collins Memorial Library:  Recipients of the Collins Library Awards, the Curator’s Choice Award, and the Recognition of Excellence Award to be announced at 6:30 p.m.

The Artist’s Vision: From Idea to Completion

July 13, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., Collins Memorial Library, Room 020

A moderated panel of invited PSBA artists in a discussion

The sixth anniversary exhibition catalogue will be available for purchase. Information about ordering a catalogue will be available during the exhibition and on the PSBA blog site.

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Workshop: Collapsible/Flexible Book Structures with Helen Hiebert

Workshop: Collapsible/Flexible Book Structures: Paper Balloons, Tubes & Vessels with Helen Hiebert

May 11 & 12: Wednesday & Thursday
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

 Class Fee
$195 (PSBA Members)/ $220 (non members)
All skill levels are welcome, beginning to advanced.
Material Fee
$25 per student. Paid to Helen Hiebert on day of class
2926 S. Steele Street, 2nd floor
Tacoma, WA 98409

Advance registration opens at 9 a.m. (March 14)
 Registration opens to the public (March 21, 2016)
 To register: https://psba.formstack.com/forms/helen_hiebert_workshop


inflatable ball resized In this workshop we’ll create a variety of panel structures with unique hinges that can be utilized to make books, lanterns, folding screens wall or window hangings. We’ll make a shadow lantern, composed of lightweight wooden panels, featuring cut-outs that cast shadows onto a second layer of paper. We’ll construct an envelope folding screen with an adapted piano hinge. And we’ll create an inflatable ball structure that magically transforms from two- into three- dimensions. As we make these structures, we’ll also explore ways to layer, fold and weave papers.

Each participant will make an envelope lantern, an envelope book structure, a shadow lantern, a woven paper lantern and/or window hanging and an inflatable paper ball.


Helen will supply the papers you need, but feel free to bring additional papers for your individual projects that fold easily and look good when illuminated or held up to the light.

. 1/8” – ¼” children’s or artists’ paintbrush for gluing
. bone folder
. sharp pencils
. scissors
. xacto knife that uses #11 blades + extra blades ( or other type of xacto that you are
comfortable using.)
. cutting mat (at least approx. 12” x 18”)
. small notebook to take notes
. Any other favorite book binding tools

Presenter: Helen Hiebert is a nationally recognized paper and book artist with a studio in Edwards, Colorado and a home in Portland, Oregon. She runs a small papermaking studio where she creates art, installations, and artists’ books. Helen also trains interns, and hosts

workshops and consultations. She is an adjunct faculty member at Oregon    College of Art and Craft and teaches and lectures internationally. She authored six books. To learn more about her work, visit www.helenhieberstudio.com.

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Two-Day Workshop: Sketchbooks Plan and Action with Timothy Ely

Two-Day Workshop
Sketchbooks: Plan and Action with Timothy Ely

Saturday, April 16th 2016 & Sunday, April 17th 2016
9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
701 Opera Alley
Tacoma, WA 98402
(Down the hall from Fibers Etc.)

Tim Ely Image copyThe sketchbook can serve as a planner, recording device, carrier of scrap, journal, and muse. Notations in a sketchbook are often the first step in connecting the imagination with the realization of an object or the grasping of an insight.

This two-day intensive investigates the uses and utility of the artist’s sketchbook, a conceptual tool with a long and venerable history. We will fabricate a “formal” codex book with rigid covers. Other topics covered include Ely’s development of the “drum leaf” binding, surface design on covering materials, adhesives, and arcane aspects of drawing and rendering. These give large doses of complexity, energy and surface to the life of the sketchbook and will help dissolve the blocks to the creative path.

All skill levels are welcome, beginning to advanced. Beginners are welcome though they should have done some reading or otherwise engage in the process.

Presenter: Timothy Ely has been a student and scholar of the sketchbook form since the late 1960’s. He received an MFA in Design from the University of Washington in 1975 and since that time has made over 500 unique manuscript books, sketchbooks & archives and has been active in teaching the art of the book. His books are in public, private, and secret collections planet wide. He lives in Colfax, Washington. Learn more about his work at www.timothyely.com.

Space is LIMITED, Registration is REQUIRED:
(PSBA Member registration opens February 22, 2016.
Registration opens to the public February 29, 2016.)

Workshop fee: $275 PSBA members/$310 non-members

Supply List:

  • Two covers for the front and back of the book [instructions will be sent after registration] These will come from one half sheet of arches cover white paper.
  • Your basic traveling artist and bookbinders kit. [questions about this? It should contain all of your fundamental tools.]
  • Paper: I recommend Strathmore 400 drawing paper. Something you like to draw or write on that is about 24 x 18 with the machine direction [grain] parallel to the final fold. Your sections will be 12 x 9 when folded. We will do the folding in the workshop.
  • Needles: I use darning needles about 1/6 in size but most will work if they accommodate the size 18 thread.
  • Knives- you should have already a paper tearing knife and both a fine cutting knife and a utility knife for board and more ambitious cutting jobs.
  • A cutting mat and decent straight edge is vital as well.
  • A 45 degree metal triangle- be sure it is not a 30-60-90 triangle
  • Brushes for glue, small [half an inch should do] and wide, about 2 inch.
  • Marking making tools. A selection of your most useful tools for drawing.

All materials and patterns provided. Materials fee ($25) due to Timothy Ely on day of workshop.

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Workshop: Windows into Spring with Jocelyn Curry

Windows into Spring: The Art of Fenestration for Book and Paper Artists
A Workshop by Jocelyn Curry

Saturday, March 19th 2016
10 a.m. to 1 p.m
Room 020, Collins Library
University of Puget Sound

jocelyn fenestration

Glimpses of what is to come on the next page of a small book or inside a card happen through small, cut-out windows. Called fenestrations, these can bring elements of surprise and dimension to your work. To practice this, we will make a pamphlet-style booklet on the theme of spring flowers using Arches hot press paper, map collage, rubber stamps, and our own handwriting.

Presenter: Jocelyn Curry is a calligrapher, illustrator and graphic designer living and working in Shoreline, WA. As an artist with diverse interests, she enjoys teaching tips and techniques applicable to book and lettering artists’ projects and skill sets. As a teacher she is known for being upbeat and patient with learners of all levels of experience. Learn more about her work at www.jocelyncurry.com.

Register for this event here:
(Registration REQUIRED)

Tool List:
small cutting mat
bone folder
several sheets of 9×12″ tracing paper
X-acto knife with new #11 blades
12″ metal ruler
mechanical pencil .5 with eraser
favorite monoline pens
fresh glue stick

Optional: existing photos, postcards, drawings or other ephemera you’d enjoy using in addition to or instead of the provided image materials.

All materials and patterns provided. Workshop fee ($15) due to PSBA on day of workshop.

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