The Creative World of Book Arts


The Creative World of Book Arts
April 18 – May 28
Current Exhibit

SeedsofDecay-TerriShinn-reducedUnderground Playground (Where are the ants?) by Karen V. Chickadel
What is a book? In the traditional sense a book is a bound collection of writings or illustrations used to share knowledge, ideas, or opinions. The Creative World of Book Arts exhibit, opening April 18 at the Schack Art Center, pushes beyond this conventional definition and explores the concept of a book as a work of art.
Several pieces selected for the exhibit are from internationally known book artist and author Shereen LaPlantz. Before her passing in 2003, she asked Rochelle Monner to continue teaching and sharing her vision regarding the experimentation and creation of handmade books. This private collection will inspire the novice and the expert. LaPlantz, who was known for her commercial how-to books including “The Art and Craft of Handmade Books”, also produced up to 12 Artists’ Books a year, which could be found in gallery exhibitions and museums across the U.S.A. and Europe.
Additional participating artists include: Lisa Myers Bulmash, Karin V. Chickadel, Cynthia Gaub, Brenna Jael, Lisa JonesMoore, Terri Shinn, Rory Terrell, Chandler O’Leary, Lynne Farren, Mitzi Lindgren, Ed Hutchins and Paul Johnson (England).
The Creative World of Book Arts is also the Schack Art Center’s annual Art Education in Action exhibit bringing more than 2,000 local elementary students to the gallery for field trips that include a docent led tour, hands-on art project, and the opportunity to watch artists-in-action

Image:  Seed of Decay by Terry Shinn, Photography by Ken Rowe

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