Orientation and move-in sustainability successes

Welcome back to Campus loggers!

Can anyone believe we have already been back on campus for a month, I can’t. Before we get too knee deep in all the exciting projects we are working on this year, we wanted to talk about how successful sustainability during move-in went! This year Sustainability Services really amped their game up to reduce landfill waste during both freshman and upperclassmen move-in. They created waste stations for different types of recyclable products, including areas for cardboard and styrofoam, both of which are used A LOT during move -in. 20130903_090931 copy


These stations would have been useless if not for students taking full advantage of them. Overall, Freshman recycled 3.67 tons of commingled (paper, plastic cans), styrofoam and cardboard, while upperclassmen 4.545 tons of the same three. In total thats 8.251 tons of recycling, a quarter of a ton increase from last year’s move-in. From a student perspective, this makes me really proud that my fellow students are taking advantage of these opportunities. From a department perspective, it’s really great when students take something you work hard on seriously because it shows its all worth it! We can still do better with every day recycling but any time we reduce the amount of recyclables going to the landfill is positive!


Secondly, orientation had great new water bottles ! As part of the Why Bottled Water Campaign, ASUPS and SAC bought and gave loggers live green Nalgenes to all freshmen to help encourage reducing our campus use of one use plastic water bottles.Tap-That-Poster

Every time I see that flash of red on campus, I know the water bottles was a great addition to our campaign. Keep filling up those bottles with tap water, even from the Res Hall bathroom sinks, hint: Tacoma has great clean water! Stay tuned for more water accessible water bottle filling stations around campus to make using your Nalgenes easier 🙂

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