Food Justice Panel on April 9th

459764_10151155080732649_1882202324_o(2)On April 9th, the third annual Food Justice Panel will be held in the Rotunda at 6:30. Previously, this event has brought together campus members and the larger community. The question “What is food justice?” will be discussed and the panelists will describe the different ways they think it should be implemented or achieved. The speakers come from different backgrounds, positions, and approaches, so this conversation will be an enriching demonstration of the diversity of programs, policies, perspectives, and persons collaboratively working to achieve food justice objectives.  Our panelists this year will be Dean Jackson, director of Hilltop Urban Gardens, Beth Elliot, executive director of FISH Food banks, Canyon Little farm manager for Mother Earth Farm, and Kristi Lynette, Environmental Policy and Sustainability Manager for the City of Tacoma. Come join the conversation and hear what’s being done around Food Justice in Pierce County!

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