InSinkErator Now in the Diner

Puget Sound is partnering with the City of Tacoma Environmental Services on a pilot “InSinkErator” project in The Diner dish room.  An InSinkErator is similar to a large, commercial garbage disposal except it is designed for effective pre- and post-consumer food waste processing.  City of Tacoma waste treatment facilities have been designed to convert pre- and post-consumer waste via the waste water system into Tagro fertilizer.  This approach is far superior to standard composting which is not feasible for our large volume operation.

The Insinkerator project is a great opportunity to sustainably manage our large volume of university food waste.  An Environmental Studies class is working with the university and city to research and assess InSinkErator effectiveness in reducing solid waste and producing Tagro product.  The city will use our pilot project and research findings to promote InSinkErator use in Tacoma restaurants. On March 1st the University installed the InSinkErator and starting this week food will begin to be composted!

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