How I chose my iPad case…

How I chose my iPad case…

I took choosing an iPad case very seriously.  As with most purchases (and especially those that involve a technology component), I assessed my needs.  I knew I needed good functionality, flexibility and protection.  I read reviews and commentary, but nothing really resonated with me.  Most cases were too bulky, too flashy or inadequate.

First and foremost, I knew I wanted a green case, and not just any green… a spring green case.  This narrowed my choices instantaneously.

Second, I knew I wanted something versatile.  One that would give me several orientation options for horizontal and vertical interaction with the tablet

Third, I wanted a spot for my stylus to attach neatly.

I wound up selecting rooCASE’s Dual Axis Leather Folio Case and I did have to wait an additional couple of weeks for the newly released green model to be ready to ship (as Elle Woods would say, it’s my signature color–so it was worth it).

The one thing missing was a keyboard.  I’ve found that when taking the iPad to conferences, I would prefer to have a wireless keyboard to type on the screen, especially in cases where there are Google Docs to work on or emails to write–even Tweeting at conferences would be easier with a keyboard.



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