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Month: August 2013

Busy, busy bees!

Busy, busy bees!

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The EdTech hive is currently buzzing at a very high frequency due to the start of term!

Please be patient as we are eagerly helping our many customers as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

We hope everyone had a fantastic summer and we look forward to working with all of you over the course of the 2013/2014 school year!

If you need assistance with digital pedagogy or other technology-related course support, please email in advance with your requests.

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Updated your SPSS prior to summer?

Updated your SPSS prior to summer?

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 9.04.40 AMIf your desktop copy of SPSS no longer works, chances are you haven’t upgraded to the latest version on campus.  We are currently supporting SPSS version 21.

An email was sent out via facultycoms on April 18th, 2013, informing users that an upgrade would be occurring over the summer and that it was necessary to contact the Service Desk to schedule a software update.  This impacts previous versions of SPSS and will prevent them from operating.

Please contact the Service Desk at or call extension 8585 to request your upgrade.  If you had not scheduled this appointment prior to now, please be patient as this is a very busy time.  In your request, please include whether you are using a Mac or PC, laptop or desktop.

If you are needing instant access to SPSS and cannot wait for a software upgrade, you can use SPSS 21 via our virtual desktop installation on vDesk.

NOTE:  Due to licensing agreements, this upgrade is only for faculty.  We are only able to install local copies of SPSS on faculty university machines (not personal computers).

Have you read about EdTech lately?

Have you read about EdTech lately?

Welcome back!

The latest edition of the New Faculty/Staff brochure is out!  This is a great overview of some of the wonderful resources Technology Services provides both inside and outside of the classroom.

Learn about the various ways we can support your teaching and learning in the coming year!  Contact your Educational Technologist if you have questions about digital pedagogy, digital literacy/competencies or come visit us for help tailoring your digital projects and ideas to meet your teaching goals and objectives!

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Attention clicker/TurningPoint users!

Attention clicker/TurningPoint users!

Over the summer, the version of TurningPoint (clicker/personal response system software that integrates with PowerPoint) was upgraded to the latest edition–version 5.2.1.

TurningPoint 5 has been installed on all instructor machines across campus in our labs and classrooms.

Launching TurningPoint 5 from instructor machines will be slightly different than the previous edition.  Follow the directions in our TurningPoint instructions for assistance.

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For any faculty using the Turning Technologies clickers, you will want to update the version of TurningPoint on your computer to the latest (version 5.2.1).

This can be downloaded for free at the TurningPoint website (the website will ask for your contact information in order to download the software).

All presentations created in older versions of TurningPoint will require you to update them once they are opened in TurningPoint 5.  We advise users to do this prior to class as it can take some additional time.  Once the presentation has been updated, it cannot be opened from any older versions of the TurningPoint software.

For questions about best practices when using clickers and how to best incorporate them into your teaching, contact your Educational Technologist for more details!

Also, if you’d like more in-depth instructions on using TurningPoint, please see their excellent support resources: