Using Skype in the classroom or office

Using Skype in the classroom or office

Media Services has been flooded with Skype support requests quite frequently over the last few months.  They’ve been working hard to accommodate all of our users as quickly as possible, but there are important steps users can take to prepare in advance of a scheduled Skype call.

Do the following well in advance of the actual Skype call:

  1. Schedule an install of the software ahead of time by contacting Media Services (Skype is not a standard software in our labs/classrooms or faculty/staff computers).
  2. Create a Skype account and learn the software before using it in class (if you need a training or support for learning Skype, please contact Media Services).
  3. For the best results, schedule a TEST CALL with the other party you will be connecting with in advance (using the same computer you will be using for the actual call).  Many times, potential road blocks can be anticipated ahead of time by initiating a test call with the other participant.

Best of luck and happy Skyping!

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