From the Archives: Ad Acta Part Three

I was out of town AGAIN this past week so I don’t have too much to report. But here, have another funny ad! This is for the 1965 Dodge Coronet.


The smaller text says:

“Chuck’s a swinger,” says she. “His Coronet is quick and clean, with a lean and hungry look. It’s equipped with a 426 cubic inch mill that will mock your turtle at the strip or on the street. He’s got four-on-the-floor, buckets, belts, carpets, console, spinners, and a padded dash. And he said that everything but the four-speed stick and the 426 was standard.” The she broke his back by asking, “Didn’t you pay extra for some of that jazz?” Don’t let the truth hurt you. Better see the all-new, hot new Dodge Coronet before you buy a (cuckoo), a (cuckoo-cuckoo), or even a (cuckoo-cuckoo-cuckoo).

Car ads have always been weird.

By: Jillian Zeidner

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